Wedding Obligations

Tweed Heads Wedding Obligations
Wedding Obligations
Getting married in Australia has a number of obligations. Here is an outline of those requirements (with a link to more detailed information at the bottom)

A wedding can be conducted anywhere in Australia, but can't be conducted less than a month from the lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage with your Celebrant. (Couples from overseas – see bottom of this page).​

There must be two witnesses (18+) – so you can have a very small private wedding or a huge lavish gathering at an exotic location or something between.​

The marriage must be solemnised by a registered Civil Celebrant or an aurthorised Religous person.​ The Marriage Act 1961 places a small number of obligations on the couple and the Civil Celebrant.

These are mostly dealt with on the Notice of Intended Marriage form, which must be lodged with the Celebrant by the couple marrying at least one calendar month prior to the ceremony. 

A birth certificate must be sighted by the Celebrant.

Evidence of a person’s divorce or evidence of the death of a person’s former spouse must be sighted by the Celebrant. 

A judge or magistrate must issue an order to permit a person under 18 to be married (Two persons under 18 cannot marry each other)​

Details from the above are included on the Notice of Intended Marriage. ​

During the ceremony there are three things that must be included some designated words spoken by the Celebrant, > specific words within each Vow (to be spoken by the couple) and the signing of the documents (the Marriage certificates are signed and witnessed).

All other elements of the ceremony are at the discretion of the couple. ​

Your celebrant is obliged to assist couples in complying with their obligations and provide information on relationship support.

 Destination Weddings | Overseas Visitors

The Gold Coast and Northern NSW are highly regarded destinations for people from other parts of Australia and overseas to have a Marriage, Vow Renewal or Commitment ceremony.

I have a program that allows for all the marriage obligations to be met and the preparation of any ceremony via an internet meeting room and email.

Overseas visitors – there are few impediments to you being married in Australia – but you must be sure your Australian marriage is recognised in your country.

Visas are available for non-Australians to marry Australian citizens or permanet residents


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