Nick Erby, Gold Coast Celebrant Nick Erby, Gold Coast Celebrant

Nick Erby is one of the leading Celebrants on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, offering Professional Service, Individual Ceremonies with Commanding Presentation for Weddings, Vow Renewals, Child Naming and Funerals.

Nick's wide experience includes ceremonies big and small, with lots of inclusions or very basic - at prestigious formal venues and at chapels, gardens, beaches, river banks, mountain tops and even on the veranda of the couple's home.

No matter what, or where the Ceremony is Nick's easy going professional manner will deliver the Ceremony that makes your day truly special.

Member of Australian Marriage Celebrants

Celebrant Services

I am available to conduct ceremonies any day of the week and I specialise in Destination Weddings (for visitors from other parts of Australia or overseas).

I offer a One Price package with no extra charges – and that includes a (ritual) Unity Ceremony (if you would like one included).

All my ceremonies are personally and individually prepared.  The preparation of a Ceremony centres on the components you wish to include – and they can range from simple to elaborate – traditional to contemporary. ​

I can help with the selection and management of your ceremony music. I recommend a pre Ceremony rehearsal (on site)..

I use a top quality battery operated PA system with wireless microphones (your music can be played through my PA). I can provide a covered signing table and a ring cushion (for that special presentation of the rings).

Wedding Package

No matter where you are having your Wedding my mission is to create your Ceremony exactly the way you want it and I promise to conduct a commanding, professional and memorable Ceremony.

Formal or casual, big or small, the presentation of your Ceremony needs to be the centrepiece of your day, reflecting how you want the day remembered.

I have an understanding of this and would love to work with you to achieve the perfect result.

For my all inclusive fee* I offer:
  • Personal Service
  • Completion and lodgment of all paperwork
  • An individual Ceremony
  • Access to my “Guide to a Ceremony" which includes assistance with Vow Preparation and Readings
  • Additional Ceremonies - including Sand | Rose | Candle | Ring Warming
  • Help with and management of your Ceremony music
  • A written presentation of the Ceremony
  • A digital audio recording of the Ceremony
  • A rehearsal at the venue
  • A no obligation initial meeting is very welcome.

* Travel expenses apply outside service area.

Marriage Vow Renewal

The Renewal of the Marriage Vows ceremony is particularly special for couples who want to reaffirm their love and commitment for one another by renewing their Marriage Vows, either at a quiet private ceremony or a big get-together with family and friends.

Many of these ceremonies come at a special anniversary, and many have members of the family participating.

Preparing a Renewal Ceremony is a particularly pleasing time, especially if parts of the original Marriage Ceremony are included.

It's always a very personal and individual ceremony with a commemorative certificate especially created for the occasion.

A (Ritual) Unity Ceremony can be a welcome additive to a Renewal Ceremony and I offer to prepare one for you at no extra charge.

I offer five star service, assuring personal attention in preparation and presentation of the ceremony. A no-obligation initial meeting is welcome.

Child Naming

The Naming Ceremony is the welcoming of your child into your family and the every-day world we live in. The ceremony has no legal standing – registration of the child's birth is a lodgment with Births Deaths and Marriages.

A Civil Naming ceremony follows the tradition of recognising the roles of parents, godparents / guardians, grandparents and all the people that are important in the life of your child. Many Naming ceremonies are done at the child's home – but can be done anywhere, anytime and can include a variety of components including a ritual/unity ceremony or something like a hand print on canvas, signed by those in attendance.

Commemorative certificates are created for the child, the godparents and grandparents. I offer five star service, assuring personal attention in preparation and presentation of the ceremony. A no-obligation initial meeting is welcome. A Guide to the Ceremony will be provided.

Funeral Ceremony

A Civil Funeral Ceremony is entirely about the person being farewelled. As there are no legal requirements to have a funeral, there is no set format for a civil funeral – but most people prefer a ceremony based on the traditional format of a funeral, including a eulogy, readings and music.

For me funerals are particularly personal, and I prepare my ceremonies with the full collaboration of the family, seeking input, and offering a guide from which ingredients of the ceremony can be selected. Most funeral bookings come from Funeral Directors as part of their arrangements, but direct contact with a Celebrant is OK.

I offer five star service, assuring personal attention in preparation and presentation of the ceremony. A no-obligation initial meeting is welcome. A Guide to the Ceremony will be provided.

Contact Nick

Call me now +61 4 1960 4658


Our decision to use Nick as our celebrant proved to be the best decision we could have made. Nick did a wonderful job and made the whole lead-up to the ceremony, and the ceremony itself a wonderful experience. Nick was always happy to answer any questions we had and worked with us to create a ceremony that was exactly what we wanted. Thanks to Nick the day went without a single moment of stress.

Dane & Deb


Nick Erby is a fantastic celebrant. He is professional, warm hearted, flexible and a gifted orator. Everything about working with him was wonderful because he took care of everything; he even helped us write our vows which was fabulous.

Peter and Belinda


The timbre of Nick’s voice just made the words of the ceremony so beautiful. Sand ceremony added a personal touch. The happiness in the room was palpable! Highly recommend Nick to make your day special.

David and Fiona


Nick was such a fun celebrant. Made everyone laugh and had a great vibe about him. Nick was fantastic! He helped us through every step! We were so glad we chose him for our special day, he put us at ease from the 1st moment we met him. On the day he organised everything to do with the ceremony. His service was outstanding!

Corey and Mel


Nick was wonderful. He prepared a beautiful ceremony and gave me lots of direction, while encouraging us to really make our ceremony our own. He is a great speaker and made us all feel relaxed.

Josh and Christine


We had a Vow Renewal Ceremony to mark our 40th Anniversary. Nick was professional and well organised, but at the same time, provided a relaxed and personal involvement in our ceremony. Nick was able to accommodate all the personal little touches we asked for and this approach helped to make our special day all the more memorable.

Jim and Wendy

Vow Renewal

We wanted Nick to be the celebrant at the naming of our first child Rainey, because Nick was the celebrant at our wedding and we were thrilled with our ceremony. We couldn't have been happier. Nick was very flexible and worked around our family situation which kept everyone happy. At the Naming of our daughter we had four generations of our families – and friends gathered on my parents’ back veranda and it turned out to be a perfect afternoon that ran smoothly with a fabulous personalized ceremony. Nick was professional at all times.

Gavin and Corrine – Baby Rainey

Naming Ceremony

Nick Erby was the Celebrant at the funeral of my mother Eleanor – and he was a wonderful choice. Nick talked with me, obtaining my mother’s history and then organised a complete ceremony for our approval. It was wonderful. He was compassionate, sincere, sympathetic to those gathered and through his ability with words was able to create a ceremony that was a moving tribute to my mother. Nick as a celebrant and I am sure anyone who chooses to use his services will be more than rewarded with his contribution to your event.



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